Nyangatom Tribe

by Nizar Salam
(kollam, kerala, India)

Nyangatom Tribe

Nyangatom Tribe

This is regarding a travel experience my friend had once he went to Africa as the part of his studies and research. He came across a typical African tribal group: the Nyangatom.

They belong to the ethnic group of south western Ethiopia and south eastern Sudan. The life style and culture of these men is quite interesting.

The Nyangatom are famous for their oratory gifts and their cattle songs. They are linguistically and ethnically closely related to the Toposa.

During the dry part of the year, when the water table drops, the Nyangatom, Mursi and other tribes of the area dig deep holes in river beds to water their cattle and to get drinking water.

They used to make cups and pots by coil method. The dressing style is quite similar to the other tribes.

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